Lodge Icon Image Lodge #2270
2013-14 Elected Officers
Governor Kenneth Brayton Jr.
Administrator Hugh Sheridan
Junior Governor Ben Richardson
Treasurer Donald Starr
Prelate William Smith
Trustee (1 Year) Johnnie Robbins
Trustee (2 Years) Richard Langenbach
Trustee (3 Years) Wayne Davis
Junior Past Governor John Granger
Activities Hugh Sheridan
Application Review Richard Langenbach
Communications James Seymour
Community Service Wayne Davis
Government Relations James Seymour
Membership Johnnie Robbins
Moose Legion Joe Hagen
Ritual Bruce Hodgkins
Sergeant At Arms David Allman
Inner Guard George Cantwell
Outer Guard David Grenier
Chapter Icon Image WOTM Chapter #1721
2013-14 Elected Officers
Senior Regent Ann Cook
Junior Regent Kathleen Grenier
Chaplain Lori Granger
Junior Graduate Regent Melissa Murphy
Secretary/Treasurer Bobbi Jo Justus
Recorder Elizabeth Hodgkins
Assistant Guide Carol Lyons
Guide Mary Lord
Academy of Friendship Cindy Johnson
College of Regents Beverly Sarno
Publicity Joyce DiChiaro
Application Review Commmittee Stephenie Campbell
Government Relations Rep Elizabeth Hodgkins
Moose Charities Robin Chadwick
Educational Advancement Joan Cava
Family Involvement Kim Douthwright
Health Awareness Carolyn Wickers
Membership/Retention Margaret Fletcher
Mooseheart/Moosehaven Holly MacLelland
Star Recorder Janet Cantwell
Audit Judy Hendy
Community Service Patricia Brown
Youth Involvement Beverly Grace
Governor History
John Granger 2012-13
John Granger 2011-12
Donald Starr 2011-12
Kenneth Brayton Jr. 2010-11
Donald Starr 2009-10
Kenneth Brayton Jr. 2008-09
Kenneth Brayton Jr. 2007-08
Michael Forit 2006-07
Wayne Goodwin 2005-06
Michael Forit 2004-05
James McCarthy 2003-04
George Hopper 2002-03
Paul Carlson 2001-02
James Perry 2000-01
James Berardi 1999-00
Bruce Hodgkins 1998-99
Bruce Hodgkins 1997-98
Donald Sullivan 1996-97
Hugh Devaney III 1995-96
Donald Sullivan 1994-95
David Triplett 1993-94
Phil Bennett 1992-93
Bruce Hodgkins 1991-92
Joseph W Murphy Jr. 1990-91
James Berardi 1989-90
Dave Carroll 1988-89
Paul Porazzo 1987-88
David Duverger 1986-87
Senior Regent History
Melissa Murphy 2012-13
Cindy Johnson 2011-12
Lori Granger 2010-11
Jana Asack 2009-10
Beverly Sarno 2008-09
Holly Sheridan 2007-08
Susan Milne 2006-07
Margaret Fletcher 2005-06
Dianna King 2004-05
Margery Springer 2003-04
Louise Cote 2002-03
Julianne Police 2001-02
Julianne Police 2000-01
Adrianne Byers 2000-01
Betty Crocker 2000-01
Joanne Jackson 1999-00
Ellen Goodwin 1998-99
Janet Cantwell 1997-98
Virginia Gazzolo 1996-97
Judy Hendy 1995-96
Elizabeth Hodgkins 1994-95
Norinne Toland 1993-94
Raymah Kupis 1992-93
Christine Conlon 1991-92